Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Want to really fight corporate greed? Buy Indie!

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I really have been thinking about what it means to me, this Occupy Wall street movement. Since it seems to lack cohesion and purpose, I really struggled with whether or not to get involved. I hate politics, politicians and anything having to do with them. I hate corporate companies that lie and abuse the system and their workers and YOU and Me. I consider myself a new breed of American... I see others like me out there and I see glimmers of similar ideals in this movement.

Since sitting back and evaluating my purpose in this movement, I asked myself..what can I really do that will make an impact? I hate touting ideals for the sake of moving my lips...so what can I DO?  I think to make best use of my time and energy would be to promote every single Indie artist, crafter, writer, musician out there...and plead, ask, implore my friends and family to BUY INDIE this holiday season. If they can't do that, then MAKE your gifts! Some of the best presents I even got were handmade! Handmade/Indie does not = cheap or poor quality. I have found quite the opposite in fact. Handmade items are usually made with the upmost care and love. I have found that indie crafters (a lot of them anyway) tend to repurpose, reuse and recycle more often than naught. They pay attention to materials; they choose organic or fair trade materials, a lot of the time. And they LOVE what they are doing. I can speak for myself here..I LOVE to make things. I put my full heart and soul into everything I make. I love starting with a concept around a person and really thinking about what they like and actually sourcing the material to make them something unique and wonderful.

It is a win/win situation for the buyer and the receiver of the gift. I love to be able to see the person I am buying from...it isn't some anonymous factory in China, spitting out mass produced items by the 1000's. It is a real person. One that loves their craft, one that appreciates their customers.

It is worth it to take the time to check out some Indie sites!
Folksy (UK Based)
SpoonFlower (make your own fabric to use in a handmade present!)

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