Monday, October 10, 2011

What do you think happens after you die?

Writing prompt for today...

Of course I don't one really does I suppose. It is something I contemplate a lot though. I do think free will extends beyond death. I think that we have a choice, a choice to either stay (as a ghost) or stay (as a spirit in "Heaven") or to be reincarnated. I believe that humans are "souls having a human experience". Souls to me are conscious energy that have a complete will of their own. Sure, it gets muddled about while being bogged down by worldly cares...but in the end...I ascribe to the notion that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so we have always existed and we will always exist. I do think we evolve spiritually, as spirits. Much like evolution of humanity.

I know that people say, there is no proof of life after death, but I think they are wrong. There is proof. Enough for me to deduce that indeed there is a life after death. I have read countless books on near-death experiences, that coupled with personal accounts from friends and family of their own near death experiences. One theme that is common is the individual feels like they are being given a CHOICE to stay or go. People say that they see their deceased loved ones on the other side. Some talk of a tunnel and a light. I had a friend once that thought that the tunnel was actually the birth canal and the light, the light of the birthing room from the next lifetime. Interesting thought.

I think that "heaven" has a library. I read a lot of Edgar Cayce when I was younger and he talked about the Akashic records. I always pictured a giant library, card catalogue system and all. Old dark wooden beams, high ceilings and wooden tables. Light filtering in from tall picturesque windows and metal spiral staircases ascending upwards to the top floors. Dust and light mingling the in the air, captured by the light. The smell of old books permeating the air. Funny how that is probably my idea of heaven on earth...old smelly

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