Thursday, October 13, 2011

What makes me think

Writing Prompt for today

Facebook makes me think. It actually delves into the full spectrum of my consciousness from idiocracy to full fledged philosophical thought. I see the little farmville apps and think how they waste so much time and are so incredibly stupid...occasionally I get sucked in, I fully admit it. Words with Friends...that makes me think...about words, like when your 'friend' pulls out a triple double on the word QI....(its all about the Cheese ya George)  This blog makes me think. Thinking for the purpose of self exploration. Sometimes thinking about that is productive and fruitful. Sometimes, I get lost in a world of self delusion and madness. But I am thinking.

Things make me think. I have a strong visual-emotional connection to items. I can pick up a bird from my grandmothers nick knack bird collection and am transported to her living room, instantly. It is so visceral and real, I have to struggle to pull myself back, sometimes.

Facebook, again, the groups make me think. I love my philosophy posts/group. I have managed to build a little online group that is so incredibly precious to me, and why? Because they make me think. And the things they make me think about are so incredibly soul touching and raw, they make me FEEL something worth feeling. Even if it is sad. They make me think and feel. The thinking goes beyond the superficial day to day blase niceties. I wonder so often about that virtual connection. It can be so incredibly strong. I have friends online that I have had for years. Friend who I have never met who pray for me, check on me, love me...all from a distance..that makes me think about the real life vrs virtual friend connection. Mind you I have friends in real life that I love. They are a small group. Some are like family. Most are like family. But on the flip side,I have people who I have never met in person that I would do most anything for. They give me something that is hard to get in real life. Raw openness...a deep view inside the mind and soul. A connection unlike anything I experience on a day to day basis with "real" people. I think it is hard to do that a lot of times in real life. People are so laden with mundane things...laundry, dishes,etc., that it is hard to really connect with friends. But when you do, it is so incredibly wonderful. I cherish those moments, real or virtu-real. :)

I wish I could pull away the filters from my real life friends a little more often. I would like to see what is under there. But you go poking around peoples filters, and you get much resistance most of the time. lol....still....delving a little deeper once in a while would be fulfilling. I have some great people in my life...fantastic, one of a kind. I want to know what they are thinking, feeling, doing....and I have made a full circle back to Facebook...

Facebook does indeed give you some of that insight into people that you know in real life. Things you wouldn't ordinarily know. And that, makes me think.

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