Saturday, October 8, 2011

What was your most memorable car ride as a kid?

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As a kid....

My most memorable car ride...That was probably 4th grade...My great aunt had passed away and I was deemed old enough to go to the funeral. Aunt Chrissie was an interesting gal. She was in an accident when she was a child. It was either ice skating or she got hit by a car, I cant remember, I will have to ask my dad. She walked with a limp. One shoe was built up really high and the other was normal.

She stayed with us a few times when I was little and I really loved her as a kid, although I cant remember exactly why as an adult. I drew her pictures and sent them to her house in Kentucky. I found out much later that she never really found love. There was one guy once, I think he was married, but I am not so sure, that gave her an emerald bracelet. It was her most treasure possession according to my grandmother.

When she died, dad and I drove down to Ky from Indiana..I remember the way the landscape changed so much to a more hilly and clay like area. Then the grass. The grass was thing bizarre green color that some people mistake for blue...hence the name the bluegrass state. Although to this day, I cant figure out why it is called that, and it was even more perplexing as a kid.

When I got to Ky, my grandparents took me shopping and bought me a funeral dress and shoes. The dress was purple, I think. The funeral was strange, I never had seen a dead body. She looked like she was sleeping. These two old ladies talked about how nice she looked. I didnt think she looked that nice. She looked stiff and weird. I poked her with my finger thinking she might actually wake up. She didnt.

My other great aunt Betty, gave me back something I had drawn for Aunt Chrissie, it was something about chicken soup. I thought it was weird she gave it back to me.

My dad took me to visit some other relative who owned the town jail. They lived upstairs and the jail was downstairs. It was weird. I met my cousin Keela and she wanted to marry Michael Jackson.

I don't remember too much about the ride back. Funny my most memorable car ride is tied with death. Strange.

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