Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Resolutions revisted....

New Years Resolutions:

Feel better - take my newly established and researched vitamin regimen, do yoga and walk frequently. *I am taking my vitamins and do feel somewhat better, in actuality, at least physically. I havent walked as much as I would like to, and need to more. a lot more. Chris and I are going to start riding again this weekend.

Volunteer - A lot. I havent done this yet, but have a volunteer event on the 11th. I also am looking at using my two paid volunteer days sooner, rather than later this year.

Self publish my art,philosophy,poetry book - I have not done one single thing on this goal. woot

Establish my DBA for "The Muse's Closet", write a business plan and apply for a loan to get a B&M business, do research on this. *I did write my business plan and have done a lot of research. I am still not 100% sure I can actually do this THIS year. In the mean time, I just want to find something where I am happy.

Eat better, and try to eat vegan/vegetarian at least 4 days a week. Overall, I am probably eating worse, although I am eating vegan 2 days a week. That is probably more realistic than 4 for me. Going back on WW this week.

Find a new game *found a game!!! Skyrim!! love it

And there you have it!

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