Monday, March 12, 2012

Bad day yesterday....

Taking a break to write a post about how I am doing, people keep asking and I really don't want to post anything on facebook because of certain people on there....yesterday was a BAD day. Physically, mentally, etc. My pain level was higher than it has been in a long time. I was on the verge of a migraine all day, which wasn't helped by the fact that my fire alarm had an electrical misfire and kept going off.....I know that even though I managed to stave off the migraine, I will have to "pay the piper" soon. I am considering going back to acupuncture since that really did seem to help my headaches and my pain level, it is just SO expensive!!!!!

I tried to paint, but just didn't feel good and wasn't in the mood. Got out my stuff but just looked at it. I did sew a little. Sewing is mindless (for the most part) and you don't have to feel anything about your work other than you sewed that line straight...and you do get a feeling of accomplishment (which I need!!). It is a creative outlet for me, but because there is no emotional tie, as in my artwork, I think all that emotion is stagnating in my brain. Not good for me. I just got so anal retentive with my art that I couldn't let go. While I take criticism fairly well if it is constructive, I hate peoples mindless input. (positive or negative)

On a positive note, I have been writing more. I was published last week with Elsevier. It was a small article on volunteering and the benefits Elsevier offers to encourage their employees to volunteer. It was well received! Also, I have been doing some serious career reassessment. Three fields come up for me: Psychology, Marketing and Art. I am exploring marketing more to see if it is really something I would be happy doing, and so far, I think it would. I am working on a certification with Inbound University so I can at least get some type of Marketing knowledge. So far, it all is pretty much common sense and things I am doing anyway, just in a different capacity. We will see....


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