Friday, September 14, 2012

Sensuality and becoming sufficiently intellectual

“There is no way to become sufficiently intellectual and educated without first becoming sensuous.”  William McNamara
So what does this imply (I ask myself)? That true wisdom requires the student to relish every experience? To grasp each delicious moment and savor it with the hopes that the memory will infuse upon tongue and soul? To immerse oneself in their own skin and soul and devour every drop of life with hungry abandonment? Then will the doorway to knowledge be opened?
What is sensuality? I think this is more of the spirit than the flesh. This is not Sexuality, although the two may mingle and give the other a slight, wanton kiss, on occasion. This is not something born of the flesh, but of the soul. This is the hunger and yearning that pours outward in a palpable fountain. This is when the passion becomes tangible.

And, what, say you, of education the intellectual mind....Why does this require sensuality? I think the key word here lies within the word "sufficiently". Anyone can read facts and regurgitate them with reckless abandonment. Anyone can study for and pass the test. I do not consider that "sufficiently intellectual and educated". True knowledge can only be found through experience. Experience of self and the self's perception via environment and experience, and that cannot be "sufficiently" assimilated without passion....without sensuality......
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